Daniela Kratz, FOUNDER

Daniela Kratz, FOUNDER

Farmhouse Lab is built on the desire to have delicious, clean and pure dressings at hand for the health-conscious foodie. 

We believe in consciously sourcing and crafting our dressings throughout the entire process: from the olive farmers to the label manufacturing. When we buy fresh, organic and local produce we want to add only the highest quality ingredients to transform them into meals and to even elevate the nutritious value. Farmhouse Lab goes above and beyond local and organic by only sourcing from partners who share our values and standards in sustainability. We package in beautiful glass mason jars that inspire to reuse. We never use any emulsifiers or preservatives, refined sugar, canola oil and/or artificial flavors.

We always opt for the most nutritionally valuable ingredient. Example: Instead of sugar or Agave syrup (high in fructose), we use maple syrup or raw Coconut Nectar because of its Minerals and Trace Minerals. Our products are 100% vegan and free from all allergens. We do not add garlic or pepper as we feel this is a personal preference and adding it fresh is easy and tastes the best. Our dressings are light with a vinaigrette texture that provides exceptional taste, unique flavors and are of superior quality.

We are extremely proud of our sources and providing transparency about our ingredients as they all have a beautiful story to tell. You taste, smell, see and feel the difference.

Daniela Kratz is the woman behind Farmhouse Lab. It is her passion for whole, natural foods that help people lead a healthy lifestyle combined with her love of the sustainability movement that led to the creation of our delicious, unique products. 

Daniela likes to purchase products that have a story to tell and hopes these stories will be told and new ones will be created over meals shared while using FarmHouse Labs dressings or gifting our products. 

Experimenting. Fun. Play. We would like to inspire you to play with fresh healthy wholesome food...